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We are a community of persons
sharing a similar point of view
and philosophy as to social and
sexual liberations. We believe
that this type of expression is a
right that is guaranteed to all
persons under the United States

To provide a non pressure and
safe environment for like
minded adults to socialize.

We are open to couples,
females, and single males.  See
the membership page to learn
about membership and first time

What We Offer
We are a fairly large club
(currently 9000 sq ft with plans
to increase to 12000 sq ft) with
several movie viewing areas
including a large viewing area
for couples only, pool table,
large dance floor with music for
all tastes, and some private and
semi private areas. We are a
BYOB club and we do provide
soft drinks, ice, and light snacks.
Birthdays will be celebrated on
the 3rd Saturday of each month.

1.  No means No

2.  You must be 21 or older

3.  Upon entry to the club you
must show your membership

4.  No drugs, weapons,
prostitution of any kind, no
cameras or recording devices
of any kind are allowed

5.  Any interaction between club
members must be consensual
and by invitation

6.  The club reserves the right to
revoke or refuse membership to


Make sure you read our
membership page if you are
planning to visit our club. You
must contact the staff by phone
before attending.
SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2016 @ 9 P.M.
Oh yeah boys and girls it's time to get back into that school thing and in an
effort to maintain the high standards of the El Paso's school district dress
policy we are having a school girl dress inspection. If you don't make this
inspection you will be spanked and if you do make it you will still be
spanked. All bad boys are expected to attend and oversee this inspection.
Some of you bad boys will be asked to administer these spankings so
bring your wood. Brittney's Rage will be overseeing the study hall and she
knows how to command your attention.

What: School Girls Dress Inspection
When: 20 AUG 2016
Time: inspection is from 900 pm-1100pm

Brittney's Rage will have study hall from 1100-1:00, spankings will start
at1:00 until all bottoms are uncovered and recovered
Inspection donation is $45 per couple
SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 2016 @ 9 P.M.
That's right the seven deadly sins party, this is sure to be a hit, Here's how
it works. You dress according to the sin you want to represent. Just incase
you've forgotten what they are, I'll break them down for you.
Lust: dress so everyone will desire you
Envy: Dress like someone you wish you were
Wrath: dress like you are angry, devil, Greek God etc
Pride: Get full of yourself, be standoffish, go ahead be the shit
Gluttony: Get a fat suit, walk around will a bag of food, food stain your shirt
Greed: Look like money, act like money, smell, like money, flash your money
Sloth: Look like you just don't care, wear old pajama and slippers, look like
u just got outta bed.

Mama Crystal and the Horns of plenty will be here to entertain you and
judge you. Yes there will be a contest, so get your game together even
make a team for an extra bonus

What: Seven Deadly Sins Party
When: 27 AUG 2016
Time: looking at sinner will be from 900 until 1100

MAMA CRYSTAL AND THE HORNS OF PLENTY will make sure you flaunt
yourself from 11:00 to 1:00
from 1:00 until, all your sins will be judged
Donation : $45 per couple