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January 16th, 2013

We are located at:

14801 Montana
Map located on bottom of this page

Hours of Operation
Friday 9PM - 3AM
Saturday 9PM - 4AM

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account like:

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long time dedicated members.

If you want one just send an e-mail to the
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We are a community of persons sharing a
similar point of view and philosophy as to
social and sexual liberations. We believe that
this type of expression is a right that is
guaranteed to all persons under the United
States Constitution.

To provide a non pressure and safe
environment for like minded adults to socialize.

We are open to couples, females, and single
males.  See the membership page to learn
about membership and first time attendance.

What We Offer
We are a fairly large club (currently 9000 sq ft
with plans to increase to 12000 sq ft) with
several movie viewing areas including a large
viewing area for couples only, pool table, large
dance floor with music for all tastes, and some
private and semi private areas. We are a
BYOB club and we do provide soft drinks, ice,
and light snacks. Birthdays will be celebrated
on the 3rd Saturday of each month.


1.  No means No

2.  You must be 21 or older

3.  Upon entry to the club you must show
your membership card

4.  No drugs, weapons, prostitution of
any kind, no cameras or recording
devices of any kind are allowed

5.  Any interaction between club
members must be consensual and by

6.  The club reserves the right to revoke
or refuse membership to anyone


Membership Update:

There has been a change to the membership
rules regarding new members. Please go to
the membership page and read the changes.

New Photos

We have added some new photos to the photo
page. See our new VIP and Group areas.

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Use the map to the right
to find where we are

Jacuzzi is now
open at QE, on
Friday's for all.
(bring your own towel)
Saturday's for
VIP only.
Who's the best team in the world?
Who's your favorite team?

Let us know on
Jersey/Heels Night

Saturday, Aug 23rd

QE will be hosting a Jersey/Heels Night at the club.
Women wear your favorite jersey and favorite
heels. Men you can leave your heels at home in the
closet but be sure to wear your jersey. It is sure to
spark some fun trash talking among the different
team fans.

Do you dare wear that ROMO jersey? How about
that TEBOW jersey you spent all that money on to
get? LOL Anyway, it is sure to be fun! Come on out
and join us!
By the way this text is in Chiefs Red/Yellow!! :-)

Club opens at 9 p.m.
Donation: Depends on the type of membership card
you hold.