Quiet Encounters is a private and member supported club.

1. All Males, Females and Couples who are sponsored by a member in good standing may attend on a
Saturday evening for the first time providing they are escorted by the sponsoring member.
No Exceptions.

2. If the sponsoring member does not arrive with you or is not on-site to meet you at the front door you
will not be given entrance into the club nor will you be given a membership at that time.

Unsponsored Applicants
1. All unsponsored Males, Females and Couples (First Time Visitors) requesting membership must call
915-497-1369 prior to attending our club for the first time. Failure to call first will result in being turned
away from the club.

2. New unsponsored memberships will be issued to first timers only on Fridays.
No Exceptions. Only
those who call in advance as stated above will be considered for membership.. Those wishing to join but
do not call in advance will be turned away at the door.

Both Sponsored and Unsponsored Applicants

(QE managment has the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason)